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Our Solutions for the maritime industry

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In the maritime industry, managing payroll and crew management efficiently is crucial due to the unique challenges presented by the global nature of the industry, diverse crewing requirements, and complex regulatory environment. A software solution designed to address these needs must be comprehensive, integrating various aspects of crew management and payroll processing to ensure smooth operations.

MLC Compliance

At SeaPay®, we are fully committed to upholding the highest standards of maritime labor practices, and we are proud to announce that our payroll operations for vessel crew are fully compliant with the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC). Our adherence to MLC standards reflects our dedication to the well-being and rights of our seafarers.

We have meticulously designed our payroll system to align with the MLC’s comprehensive framework, ensuring that all aspects of crew compensation are managed with precision and integrity. This includes, but is not limited to, timely and accurate payment of wages, clear and detailed payslips, and the secure handling of allotments and deductions in accordance with international maritime labor laws.

Employment Culture

Our commitment to MLC compliance means that our crew members can have peace of mind knowing their employment conditions, including earnings, leave, and repatriation rights, are fully protected and transparently managed. SeaPay® remains dedicated to continuous improvement and monitoring of our payroll processes to meet and exceed the evolving standards set forth by the MLC, thereby supporting the welfare and satisfaction of our valued seafarers.